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Teeth Whitening

The whitening system we use is Enlighten. It is a safe and effective way of achieving a fantastic brighter smile. There are lots of reasons you may have an interest in whitening your teeth – we all experience a darkening of our teeth over the years and sometimes teeth that are root filled (having the nerve removed) become discoloured.


Tooth whitening is a very conservative way of improving the appearance of your teeth without needing any drilling. Modern dentistry is all about keeping our natural tooth structure when possible and whitening can achieve amazing results.


You will need two appointments. At the first appointment, we will check your suitability for whitening. We will take moulds of your top and bottom teeth to send to our lab and they will construct bespoke whitening trays that are custom made to fit your mouth perfectly. These trays are clear, thin, and comfortable to wear. We may also take photos (with your consent) and check the colour (shade) of your teeth are prior to treatment.


At the second appointment (usually a week later) we will check the fit of your trays and show you how to use them. You will be given two tubes of whitening gel which is easily dispensed into the trays. Most people like to wear their trays overnight, and many find that their desired shade of whitening is achieved after about two weeks.


A very common side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. However, it is not at all damaging to your teeth, and is very short lived. Usually, the use of a sensitive toothpaste during the period you are whitening is enough to combat this. It is also a good idea during this time to have a “white diet”, i.e avoid strong tea/coffee, red wine, curries etc. But we will talk to you comprehensively about this at your appointment, and if you have any questions before then, please do email us or give our reception team a call.


If you have an interest in reading more about the Enlighten tooth whitening system, please check the Enlighten website.